Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Your answers have been prayed (or something)! New site online

After a long wait, the shiny new is up!
As the years passed, the old site remained incomplete, with no updates and no signs of life. The masses despaired! Global economy fell into crisis! Well... here is the reward for those who had the patience to wait (all 3 of you!). The new site is less "flashy" (pun intended), but better organised. It also has a lot of new content (with more coming soon). I have done tests in all major browsers with no serious problems (IE8 Beta excluded). Hope you like it. I expect your feedback to make it even better. Also, for those who don't speak greek, an english language version is in the works!

update: Calling all internet cult site freaks! You can still visit the old site at, if you so feel inclined. But you need to get over it man... seriously, it's not cool anymore!


Cooglis said...

kairos htan :P

Tasmar said...

τονιου σα ητ σουγα μικεδερν.

aMoRpHiS said...

All 4 of us you mean...missed u ftyaraki! (Alicia)